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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kevlar Gloves

Gloves are those protective garments that we wear on our hands, either to protect ourselves from cold, harsh weather conditions or from dangerous tools with which we work, or even from harsh detergents that we use as we do our washing. They have a long history that extends to the days of Queen Elizabeth. Made from different materials and in different sizes, they can conveniently be used to meet the needs of different individuals for different purposes.
You will find these garments, also known as mitts, being used in garden work, kitchen work, driving, riding of motorcycles as well as in sports activities like rugby, baseball, skiing among others. From this it is easy to tell that there are many types of mitts. Among them are the kevlar gloves are just among the many types.
Kevlar gloves are made from a very special fiber, and their main use is in the factory or industrial setting, especially the one that specializes in construction. They are ideal because they protect the hands from cuts and abrasions. They are made from such a thick material that is not easily penetrated, and which on the other hand offers support to the wrists and fingers.
Kevlar mitts were developed in Du Pont in 1965 by Stephanie Kwolekk and Herbert Blades and by the 70s it was commercially in use. The fiber that makes them is quite exceptional, highly resistant to high temperatures, as high as 350 degrees Celsius, meaning that they do not melt easily, neither can you burn your hands easily. Try them!

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