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Monday, January 31, 2011

RTM Moulding Prosess / Procedure for FRP

For simplicity in understanding the complete Resin Tranfer Moulding (RTM) process, the basic steps for the fabrication of a composite component are describe as below.

1. A thermoset resin and catalyst are placed in tanks A and B of the dispensing equipment.

2. A release agent is applied to the mold for easy removal of the part. Sometimes, a gel coat is applied for good surface finish.

3. The preform is placed inside the mold and the mold is clamped.

4. The mold is heated to a specified temperature.

5. Mixed resin is injected through inlet ports at selected temperature and pressure. Sometimes, a vacuum is created inside the mold to assist in resin flow as well as to remove air bubbles.

6. Resin is injected until the mold is completely filled. The vacuum is turned off and the outlet port is closed. The pressure inside the mold is increased to ensure that the remaining porosity is collapsed.

7. After curing for a certain time (6 to 20 min, depending on resin chemistry), the composite / FRP part is removed from the mold.