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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sandwich Composite and Core Material

Sandwich composite, considered to be a class of structural composites consist of two strong outer sheets or faces separated by a layer of less dense material or core, which has lower stiffness and lower strength. The faces bear most of the in-plane loading and also any transverse bending strength. Typical face material include aluminum alloys fiber reinforced plastics titanium steel and plywood.

Structurally the core serves two functions. First it separates the faces resist deformations perpendicular to the face plane. Secondly it provides a certain degree of shear rigidity along planes which are perpendicular to the faces. Various materials and structures are utilized for cores including foamed polymers synthetic rubber inorganic cements as well as balsa wood.

Another popular core consist of a honeycomb structure-thin foil that have been formed into interlocking hexagonal cells with axes oriented perpendicular to the face planes. The material of which the honeycomb is made may be similar to the face material. Sandwich panels are found widely in a wide variety of applications they include roofs floors and wall of building and in aircraft for wing fuselage and tail plane skins.

Structural sandwich construction is one of the first forms of composite structures to have attained broad acceptance and usage. Virtually all commercial airliners and helicopters and nearly all military air and space vehicles make extensive usage of sandwich construction. In recent years, most commercial space vehicles have also adopted this technology for many components

Example of Sandwich Composite, Using Honeycomb Core


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