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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fiberglass Grating

Typical Layers in FRP Grating
Fiberglass is one of the most lightweight materials used by man today, and there are so many applications for fiberglass gratings today.

Fiberglass grating or FRP grating is products that involve pultrusion of glass fiber. This process include of a pulling mechanism of fiberglass roving and continuous mats. The fiber then being impregnated with resin in resin bath and being pulled into a heated die to get the shape that customer need.

The main reason of using fiberglass grating instead of steel is the ability of fiberglass to withstand corrosion.  Other than that, fiberglass grating are maintenance free, long service life and non conductive.

Resin that being used to produce this fiberglass grafting usually are Vinylester and Isopthalic  Polyester.

The grating can be used in either new application or for replacing existing application which is exposed to corrosive environment. The application can be found in all type of industries such as offshore, oil and gas, power plants, waste treatment, public facilities etc. 

Example Application of Fiberglass Grating


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David said...

Yes, fiberglass grating is great material that really lasts.

Thanks for sharing the process and applications for its uses.

ballmersteve said...

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Anonymous said...

Good read. I also stumbled on molded FRP of which the methodology is different from the pultruded method leading to different strength results. Can you shed lght on this process as well

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