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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prepreg Material

Short for preimpregnated. A combination of mat, fabric, nonwoven material or roving with resin, usually cured to the B-stage, ready for molding. Can be redesignated as standard or net resin prepregs:

• Standard prepreg contains more resin than is desired in the finished part; excess resin is bled off during cure.

• Net resin prepreg contains the same resin content that is desired in the finished part; no resin bleed.

Prepreg containing a chemical thickening agent is called a mold-mat and those in sheet form are called sheet-molding compounds.

A prepreg consists of a combination of a matrix (or resin) and fibre reinforcement. It is ready to use in the component manufacturing process.
It is available in :

• UNIDIRECTIONAL (UD) form (one direction of reinforcement)

• FABRIC form (several directions of reinforcement).