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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Composite Testing : Barcol Hardness

What is Hardness?
Hardness can be describe as the ability of a certain material (especially rigid plastic) to be indented. There are many method to use for determine the hardness of composite material such as Rockwell Hardness , Barcol Hardness etc.

Higer number of hardness indicate that the material is harder, which means it have more resistance to penetration by other material.

Barcol Hardness
Barcol Hardness of a certain composite material is determine by pressing the Barcol Hardness Impressor to the composite using hand. The hardness is indicated in the gauge meter at the impressor.

This Barcol Hardness test is very important to monitor the state of cure of the resin in a composite system. If the resin is not fully cure, this will effect the performance of that composite product. Thus, action should be taken to completely cure the resin such as : the time of the post-curing should be longer.

Barcol Hardness Test


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